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  1. I love your website and would like to stay connected. You are living part of my dream. What I am seeking is a free homeschooling website that covers boys in the ASD spectrum. Mine shows strong ADHD type (yes he does get out for active play). He was in private school the last two years, but this year the private school reps and everyone else in town claim he needs a full time attendant to attend school. We can’t afford that. This year, I registered him with my state as a home schooler and have been doing that. It’s not easy. I can get him out to play to calm him down some, but last year he failed first grade (though he DID get an A in music!) and it has been a hard struggle. He HATES structured lessons and is almost allergic to writing and doing math on paper and though we can get him to play learning games and regular games, often he just grabs and throws the stuff. I did get him to learn some things with youtube videos like the old school house rock, busy beavers, and Mr. R. If it comes in song, he learns it and is an instant memorizer, but his preferred medium are educational videos and playing outside and anything with his hands. But writing is nil, as is math. He only rarely does back and forth conversation, but remembers whole poems, songs, stories, verses and entire movies. I use some of that but I was wondering if you know of any good free websites beyond Autism speaks? I need ideas, lesson plans, and a community for such moms. I know a lot of them do home school. For us it isn’t just the cheapest route. When he was attending regular school, I was getting called to pick him up AT LEAST twice a week or being called in to help. I almost even offered to work for them for free but they didn’t want me in the classroom with him because we were too much of a distraction for others. Now we are home alone. There is another issue: socialization. ASD/ADHD kids do need social contact, but outside of the church group he’s not welcome because of his spontaneous noise, running around and outbursts. Oh yeah, why isn’t on a drug? Well, he’s not violent and he’s not running out everywhere. He does grab items off shelves sometimes in stores and laughs really loud and wants to run in them, but he’s mostly a HAPPY or hyper active kid. (Usually when he gets grumpy or says terrible dialogue to himself is when he gets bored at home–one great thing about a kid like him is it teaches you how many stupid careless things you say and alerts you to what you’ve been saying that you shouldn’t because they repeat everything you say!). This is LONG, sorry, I just want a good website to help me continue on with this and make him more successful academically and socially. The schools seem to gladly paint a bleak picture for me, which is part of the reason we ditched them. I had told them if we going to keep going that route, I would also have to work in addition to my husband–at least part time–and there was an immediate “but you’d HAVE to be AVAILABLE to us!” I can’t seem to get across that we don’t have the funds to pay for that and I would need to work, and yet “be available to help but not there if things are going well”. I could do some online writing and editing because I have a degree in English, I know some office work, I can clean houses, and take care of children, etc. but I can’t do that when I have him around, because he interferes with it. I can’t talk on the phone for too long or even write something without running a video during one of his “cooperative times”. I had enough trouble doing that when my gifted child was little before she went to school and later was home schooled–but they both different as night and day. When my son was born, she was almost home schooling HERSELF, and entered high school only because it was apparent she was gifted in science and wanted a lot of lab experiences and I truthfully am an IDIOT when it comes to geometry, chemistry, physics and calculus (her teachers commented though her writing, debate, and speech skills were excellent and her knowledge “well rounded and extensive” and her social skills “surprisingly good for someone home schooled”. One teacher said it was refreshing to meet a girl actually thinking about her future as opposed to popularity and celebrities. She is graduating in the top ten this year and is about to enter college. She hasn’t gone without some teenage problems. My son is different though and people have commented on how I’ve managed to have two completely different kinds of kids. I can’t explain that. I have a family that is like that. My siblings are all from the same two parents, but we all have completely different skills, tastes, interests and even appearances. You can tell we’re related, but our body shapes and sizes and hair color and eyes are different enough that people have demanded to know whether we had the same parents. Yeah, it’s weird all right. Our kids too though they look more similar than we did as cousins, are also differing like crazy. it could be instruction and world views. But can you refer to someone who home schools a special needs kid who knows good websites to check out and online communities to confer with. I feel alone sometimes in this journey.


    1. I am so sorry that I did not see this sooner! First, know that you can get help for him even in a private school without paying out of pocket. I know many things that can help you and would love to share. Get the book – The Learning Tree by Stanley Greenspan. My son is doing well, but we had the same struggles. The new ESSA plan has a way for you to get funding for him (even if that requires a special ed teacher to be with him.) It is called portability. I consult for a few homeschool advocacy groups pro bono. I would love to help. My email address is let’s set up a time to talk. – Kathy…p.s check out my friend Margaret’s site. She homeschools her son with special needs:


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