Becoming an Explorer

Becoming an Explorer

What if we chose to view what was happening in our lives as a discovery expedition? Explorers never really knew what was at the end of the road, but it was the journey that kept them intrigued. Does your life intrigue you?

I have a confession to make. A conversation with Ben Hewitt, helped me start writing again. As I unschool myself, I am learning how to write without an agenda. It is freeing and terrifying. The best advice he gave me was stop trying to be strategic with my writing. How do we let go and let it become what it will be? I have no idea, but I am intrigued to see what happens.

The process might be much like the nature walk I took with the boys yesterday. As we walked, there was a crunchy texture underfoot, so we stopped to investigate. We found seed pods, fairy hats, pecan bursts, and many other treasures dropped by near by trees. Trees understand the cycle of letting go so much better than us mere humans. They freely drop what they no longer need, or what needs to be released. It is the cycle of discovery and growth.

Investigating our finds bound for our craft basket at home, Austin remarked that the pecan bursts looked like flowers and Jackson thought the pods would make great people with drawn on faces. Creativity at work. You can see the wheels turning right in front of you.

Next we walked over the hidden magic bridge, and as we peered over the edge we saw the work of beavers. The river was damned up just under the bridge. Although we did not see the presumed beaver family, I heard a long tale of intrigue, antics at nightfall, and underwater acrobatics that was happening just beyond our view. Each time simply responding, “And then what happened?”

What did I see when I peered over the bridge? I saw the banks and rock formations covered with mosses and delicate native ferns in the most beautiful shade of bright green. It made me wonder if that was by design. Lining the banks with its bright color, so that at nightfall the creatures could see the waters edge. I saw the changing flow of the river as the beavers made their home. I wondered how the conversation of all the wildlife would go. Move that thing, we can’t get by! Or would it be more like, thank you for stopping the flow I am tired of swimming up stream. Creative thought is contagious.

At some level I wish for a place where the boys can explore these places on their own, but I would have missed these experiences. I am grateful to be a witness, guide, and a student for now.

I see what is becoming with no idea what to expect on our next expedition. Mine in writing and theirs in the world. That is my gift for the new year given by two creative explorers.


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