The Ultimate Way to Choose Yourself, Is To Save Someone Else

The One Who Saved Me
The One Who Saved Me

Yesterday, on my way into the grocery store I saw a dog rescue group. Although we cannot adopt another animal now, I stopped to say hello to the dogs and their saviors, and drop a few dollars in for a donation. It was not much and I just explained that even though I could not take a dog home, I could support the ones who could.

I began talking to who I now know is the mother of the founder of this rescue group. I told her that I would like to adopt a therapy dog and a family member, for my coaching practice.  I was once saved by a dog, so this story is near and dear to my heart.

That is when I understood why I was there. Her daughter, a beautiful tall red-headed teenage girl was terminally ill with a heart condition. She had been angry and mad at the world as you might imagine. Her mother was homeschooling her, and could not get her motivated to do anything.

Then something changed. Her daughter wanted to adopt a dog, and not just any dog. A pit bull puppy that had the exact condition that she had. The dog had been given 2 months to live. She wanted to be that dogs light in the world for the little time it had. These are my words, not hers. She felt drawn to this dog, which was a seven hour drive away. I spoke with her mother who was glowing as she told the story when her daughter chose herself.

The daughter started Roman’s Rescue to continue this work, after the dog that had been given two months to live. Roman lived for ten months. Ten months of joy, love, and gratitude for being chosen. This animal needed to be chosen, but his guardian did not. Terminally ill as a teenager, she chose to do something with the time she has on this earth. She chose herself.

Shouldn’t we all do that?

I am reading James Altucher’s Book, Choose Yourself. The preceding story of Roman’s Rescue is a living example of Choosing Yourself.

This book is about Choosing Yourself in the new world of work and life. We are in the most exciting times in history. We can live how we want, where we want, choose our families, and choose ourselves.  The book is not a feel good story of fluff, rather a practical way to begin to rethink this jobless economy that is really a recipe for freedom.

Choose Yourself – if you want to savor every last moment you have been given.If you want to make an impact today, support Roman’s Rescue. Support savoring life.


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  1. Such a touching story! If we can touch one life positively, it can end up touching one more life and thus the chain of positivity continues. Keep up your positive work!

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