Transparency Is a Gift – Embrace It


“When you’re authentic and transparent, there’s nothing to hide, nothing to defend, nothing to prove, nothing to outrun, because all of a sudden you’re living inside your truth.” Lisa Nichols

I read something, that I am not sure that I was meant to read, but needed to hear. Knowing the source, I think it was intentional transparency, even if it was painful to read.

There are times when we need to hear the message. These messages can help us hear the voice inside of our head and heart. These messages simply turn up the volume of our own voice.

As I navigate this new map, I found myself the last couple of weeks wondering what was my next “big fat goal” (BFG).

If you are open things will come your way, but you have to be paying attention. The idea of simplifying your life involves some large, complicated stepping stones. Being careful where you step is vital. Especially using simplicity to stepping our way to our best work.

Notice I did not say career, but work. I consider my work to be of me serving in some way, and the linear career path would not work for me. Coaching, writing, and speaking are all part of the way I serve, but it was time to get more intentional about it.

The Mad Scientist’s key to simplicity in work, is going to work. He thrives in an environment where he contributes to a collective goal in the lab. He has aspirations of course to develop his work, but his is a linear path. He serves as part of a collective.

How Transparency Is a Gift

There is a freedom in transparency, but freedom only exists alongside being brave. Bravery might be reading words on a page, and then have a good cry if you are so inclined. It also means knowing when it is time to get to work. Bravery serves you. Bravery gives you the power to change course.

Years ago, before I fully embraced this journey, I hired a coach. I thought if someone could just help me pick something for my work focus, I could be off and running. Many people have different views on coaching. Some think you need a coachable goal to begin, some believe that coaching is there to help you walk through this wild new world and find where you are headed. The second is the camp I agree with most often, but it is the hardest for me to do.

My first coach, Cara Lumen, is no longer coaching, but she serves by sharing her writing with the world. One of her messages found its way to me a few days ago. Her message appeared to me as if “like magic,” said fellow messenger Chris Brogan.

Chris is the founder of OWN, a digital magazine that is about owning your life. Well, it is a business magazine, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. It is about how to live your work, serve who you are meant to serve, while still serving those that make it all possible, you and your family.

Embarking on a journey of exploration without knowing exactly where you will end up makes my heart beat a little faster and my shoulders tense. That queasy feeling in my stomach is that little voice saying – oh just pick something already! The good news is that I did not listen to that pesky little voice anymore and have come out the other side happier for it.

So, what do you do when someone’s transparency is hard to hear? What if… in your heart you were already feeling this, but were afraid to say it out loud. What if that was because you knew you needed to follow a dream and path that was uncertain? That did not come with a guarantee?

Do you say yes to this opportunity? Are you neglecting your own personal work? As I spent the last week contemplating my new BFG, messages and signs were popping up everywhere. A post from Penelope Trunk about ENFP’s, and their uncanny ability to tackle the wrong projects just to have a project. If you want career advice that is as transparent, you need to be reading Penelope’s blog. As you may know, I am an ENFP, and before becoming aware of my strengths and the perfect way to work, I might have missed the signs as they were happening.

How do you work through something? Do you have a coach? Do you write? Do you read? I do all of these things, and reading is usually first.

The one thing that will always guide you in the direction of your truest life, the one you are meant to live is transparency and the freedom it brings. So read those messages and listen to your own voice. It will always lead you on the truest path for you, one complicated stepping stone at a time.



  1. Thank you for the encouragement–I dont think there are many being transparent. Or I would also say that I find people think I am either odd or trustable & refreshing. But I think the first step knowing what you need to do is being transparent with yourself–what do you really want to do in life & what do you not…

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    1. You are so very welcome. I think transparency is hard, but hiding is worse. You are right about being true to yourself first. Knowing and admitting what we want can be hard at first, especially for mothers. I think we are all so drawn to doing what is right for them, that we forget it will be right for them if we are true to ourselves. Thanks for checking in – go you!


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