Interview with Kathy from Live Small, Love Big

I have enjoyed reading David & Conner’s posts from An Unschooled Future for some time now, and am honored to have a place on his blog.

An Unschooled Future

I came across Kathy’s blog a while ago and found her experience in simplifying her life very interesting.  

In many ways we have also done this, in others we haven’t.  Irrespective, I find her views to always trigger new thoughts.  Besides, I loved A Simple Life when I was a kid (for those of you familiar with old British comedy) and in some ways Kathy’s push for a simple life reminds me of this.

And of course, a simplified life combined with homeschooling makes for a good read – I had to ask her more about it.

How many children do you have? What ages?  Are they all homeschooled?

We have twin boys that are five years old. Yes, we do homeschooling in the sense that they are not and have not ever been enrolled in a formal preschool or school.  My approach is as much a reflection of…

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