Finding Inspiration to Live Small

Small Living Provence in Texas

This past weekend, the Mad Scientist and I hit the road for a little R & R which included a couple of trips to Texas Hill Country wineries. We had a wonderful time, even though it was so hot you could hear it. You see, Texas summers have a unique sound. The steamy heat and symphony of insects is as Texas as it gets.

Small living has been a project of ours, but on this particular day I was inspired. We only visited this winery after the recommendation from a couple we met on our first winery tour at Dry Comal Creek on Saturday. The tours and hospitality at Dry Comal Creek just outside of New Braunfels is worth the drive, but this second visit was like stepping into Provence, France – Texas style.

With my camera ready, we walked up to this little jewel just outside of Gruene, TX. The story behind this beautiful small structure is as interesting as it’s owner, Lewis Dickson. La Cruz De  Comal is a feast for the eyes, and the wine is as delicious as the scenery.

It was inspired by his time living in France. He described a way of life focused on experiences. I understood what he meant, after my travels there in my early 20s. It is less about  a prescribed life as an imagined one.

Small Texas Living

One of the things he discovered by living there was the pride  that the people of each village took in their work. No matter what type of work they did, it was their pride in doing it to the best of their ability and reverence that struck him. There was a respect for everything, from the local butcher to a restaurant owner. He went on to explain that all the children are taught at an early age about wine and food, and have an appreciation for the best that life has to offer. It was a story about living a rich life. Not based on money, but experiences.

He brought back a little of Provence to the Texas Hill Country, to carry on the tradition of doing his best work. Lewis Dickson has a true calling as an Artisan Winemaker. Everything bottled by hand, and with such care. Living off the land and respecting it’s unique offerings.


This really is what living small is all about for me. It is about removing all the distractions so that we can live a life full of experiences along side my growing passions in photography and words. It is about allowing our children to find their way in this new world, by making their own map.

We can learn so much from simply exploring and listening. The lessons learned at La Cruz De  Comal will be long lasting, as the images of a little Texas-style Provence dance in my head.



  1. One of my favorite lines: “It is less about a prescribed life as an imagined one.” I think I have felt the tension of a prescribed life of mainstream culture that I don’t want. Instead of pursuing more stuff, I’m enjoying the process of editing things that I don’t love or use out of my life. I find joy in being surrounded by things I love.


    1. Charmin – there is such a river of tension in everyday life. I feel it as I make choices out of the mainstream for our family and just try to remember its our life!


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