What I Am Doing On My Summer Vacation

Martha Beck Joy Diet

  Taking a Deep Breath

Often after people read our story, they automatically ask for organizing tips, but guess what? I don’t have any. This is the problem with being a creative thinker and using a traditional tools to solve a problem. They just don’t work long term. I am betting that you may be the same way, or you would not be reading my blog.

The next couple of weeks for me is focused on working as the kids explore the wonderful world of vacationing with Grandparents. It is great bonding time for them and great focus time for me and the Mad Scientist.

My goals for this time includes working, but it also includes some me time. I have a few books to read, and the first I began is “The Joy Diet”, by Martha Beck. Martha is as unconventional as I am, but a little braver in the way she talks about it and I love it. The Joy Diet is not a food diet, so for those of you thinking I will give you recipe tips move on. I am lucky enough to have a husband who loves to cook, and since we have time over the next week I am enjoying his cooking instead of mine.

The premise  of the Joy Diet is that if you are struggling through anything, the first step is to stop and do nothing. What? Yes, nothing. I am not good at doing nothing, but this week I will practice nothingness.

My mother will be 83 in September, and we can all hope to live as well as she does. I gave her the nickname “the energizer bunny” if that gives you any idea how active she is and has always been. I remember as a kid that by the time you had gotten out of bed, walked to the bathroom, and came back, your bed was made. I had an Aunt that moves so fast that you better eat your dinner quick, or the next lap around the table your plate was gone. What do both of these women have in common? Well my mom had six kids, and my Aunt had seven (six of which were boys). They move and live their life at a pace that would make an Olympic athlete blush.

I inherited this need to keep moving and while I am grateful for my ambitious side, my quiet relaxed side needs some work. I get my best ideas when out for a run, or just as I relax onto the yoga mat. My mother and father both still do their daily walk or run, so they know about this quiet time need as well.

It comes as no surprise that our brains need time for all the mental clutter that is suspended in air to fall, leaving that one shiny object time to break through. Having children creates an even more pressing need to leave time to practice the joy of nothingness. As we juggle careers, families, and the new world of custom education, we need time for quiet.

Time to allow things to bubble up or fall away is just as important as anything on your calendar. As our first couple of days, sans kids, gets underway, we decided to take in a local favorite place to see the sunset. Here I go practicing the Joy Diet.

How are you enjoying your summer so far? Taking anytime to breathe?


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