Interview with Paula from Rainforest Minds

This is one of the best descriptions of how kids want to be self-directed in their learning that I have seen. This is a great read for any parent considering homeschooling.

An Unschooled Future

I am really excited to have an interview with Paula from Rainforest Minds today.  I noticed her articles for gifted adults almost as soon as she started blogging and have been wanting to sit down and pick her brains over a coffee ever since – this interview is the closest that I have got to that so far.

Paula is a professional Counselor with more than  20 years in practice, she also holds a Masters in Education and was formally a gifted education specialist.  She specializes in working with gifted adults and youths and consulting with the parents of gifted children.  She has published a number of articles on giftedness issues and has also been an instructor in this area at the University of Oregon.

Paula uses the analogy of a rainforest to talk about giftedness, to explain its complexity and also to try to side-step some of the baggage that the term…

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