Designing a Family Life That Matters Starts With Failure

Process of Living an Intentional Life

This process of living an intentional life is not an easy path. If it were, I believe many more people would do this and stop going with the flow.

Living small has many opportunities and challenges, but it is a plan without a defined road map. You still have to decide which way to turn and where you want to go, but the reason for going has not changed.

Knowing Your Why

There is a power in knowing the reason we want to do anything. It is that power that takes much of the emotion out of decisions. It does not take all the emotion out, however. As a woman, the emotional side of decisions is there, but understanding my why keeps the tsunami of doubt from crashing in on my journey.

When I was reading about minimalism, I found many men and their perspectives. Their blogs helped me see a different way of thinking, but my mother’s heart was not settled on the idea of minimalism for the sake of joining a movement. Reading their blogs helped me see how my husband might see this change, which is very helpful for us as a couple, but I also needed to hear from someone more like me.

I did want a simpler richer life, but I did not want to get rid of things for the sake of getting rid of them. I edited through many things, and continue to do so. I am a sentimental soul, so defining what is meaningful is a process. This whole plan is a process.

Questions and More Questions

The process of seeing your life, and working through it to make intentional decisions for me requires a sounding board. My husband is a good sport, and a great sounding board, but I don’t want to have him feeling like a constant sounding board. I also have greatly reduced the need for such a process, but I still need to work through an idea.

My question I ask most often these days is, “ Why are we doing this?”

I believe that if you are embarking on something new, and out of the norm, choosing your sounding board wisely is essential for success. I have a friend that is a great for this. We never want each other’s life to look like the other’s, but rather give a safe non judgmental sounding board. We don’t talk often, texts of kids photos happen regularly, and an occasional call when the time is right.

This is important. Spending too much time getting other people’s take is not productive. Strike out on your plan for simplifying your life. It is okay to fail. You cannot win, without some failures.

We are processing through working more with the kids at home most of the time. Juggling new experiences for them and for me. We are processing through the right balance of independent learning for them. It is a process of discovery. One that you can only discover if you chart a course and begin.

We begin again each day. They are leading us to the best way for them to learn. We just have to process through it and watch them discover the world while we rediscover ours.





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