Pleasant Surprises, Meeting Sugata Mitra


I have had a busy week, full of magical moments, but the most magical part of that is that I was working.

The magic was the idea of weaving together all of the things that I enjoy doing since I began this life redesign journey. I read many books on following your calling, downsizing, and designing your ideal work, but I had no idea what that could possibly look like until this week.

This is not that different from designing your home. Many of the warmest homes I have ever visited, were unassuming, well curated, and had a simple lovely energy. You would walk in and instantly feel the power of the simplicity, and the energy it allows for the people it touches.

As I was working this week, I experienced that warm, unassuming, well curated energy in of all places – a school. Can you imagine with the state of education that this was even possible?

The pleasant surprise begins with it’s founders. Many people could focus on their wealth and celebrity-like status, but they are the warmest two people you could ever meet. Not only are they a lovely couple and family, but their mission is to create a movement so that other children can find their calling and change the world.

This post is not really about education though, but about a philosophy on life design. To create a home and world for your family, you do not need very much. Children, as I witnessed at Acton Academy this week, thrive in an atmosphere full of freedom and unassuming simplicity.

It is a mirror of what we have been trying to create in our home, less is definitely more.

The most profound experiences in life, are just that, experiences. What is remarkable is that I heard this same sentiment coming from 12-14 year old children. Can you imagine the life they have ahead of them? So wise, so young.

The guest visit this week by Sugata Mitra and his wife was an experience I will never forget. This pioneer in educational disruption is as unassuming as his hosts, and just as wise and lovely as is his wife.

What if our lives could be so rich with experiences that we did not value material things as highly? What would that change in our children? Does your home reflect a simple curated unassuming energy? Does it welcome in experiences for you are your family?

I am convinced that our life would be very different had we not taken the step to take back control of our lives – to demand freedom that we so sorely needed.

What experiences do you think you are missing? I for one am feeling fortunate, and cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.


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