Interview with Dave from Blokeschool

Great insight on homeschooling from a father’s point of view.

An Unschooled Future

I must admit that when I first discovered Dave’s blog, the first week that he started writing, my first thoughts were jealous ones. BlokeSchool – such a cool name, that for any Australian, is instantly recognizable.

Then, I got excited – there was actually another father out there taking the lead on their children’s education.  I was blown away by the care and depth of thought that went into that first post, and I still continue to read and be engaged with every post that Dave writes.  He has younger children so not all of the activities are as relevant to us, by I have still read every post simply because I enjoy the level of thought in them.

I am really pleased to be able to share here the thoughts of another father who is highly engaged in his children’s education.

How many children do you have? What ages?  Are…

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