Feeling Lucky, How My Blog Is Producing Unexpected Opportunities

Feeling Lucy, How My blog


It will not come as a surprise that I love meeting new people, but my blog has created a whole new dimension of that for me.

I recently met two people, and began a freelance project for their foundation because of this blog. It was unexpected, but I have already learned so much from our initial conversations, that I feel grateful for having met them regardless of how long we work together.

This is one of the most interesting things about blogging. The ability for others to see how you think, and decide if they want to know more is a fascinating idea. It is also the ultimate freedom.

If you blog and share your writing with those you want to work with, you are already past a period of investigation. Good or bad, if you write truthfully about your life and aspirations, you overcome the hurdle of doing that later. It is like skipping that whole awkward, “tell me about yourself” conversation in an interview. If you are not a good fit, you avoid any wasted time,  which is better for everyone.

I started this blog after taking part in a couple of courses, from Penelope Trunk’s start up Quistic, which I highly recommend. The first was how to get the guts to freelance, which seems strange, because I have been working freelance for years. The reason I took the course, is that freelance was not an intentional choice, and I wanted the insight how you purposefully go freelance.

The next course I took was how to Reach Your Goals by Blogging. Blogging began as a way for me to share the writing I was already doing with the world, which in itself is a huge leap, but the unexpected benefit has me recommending it to you.

I took the leap into blogging, after encouragement from Penelope Trunk. She encouraged me to start blogging after I shared my writing with her. It was a big step, since until that day I had not shared this with anyone other than family members.

It was our change in lifestyle, to one of intention that gave me the courage to share. I was so clear on why I was doing this, I could write about it.

There is a power that comes from taking a leap, and going against the norm to find your true place, your Happy Place. Blogging improves your writing skills, improves your thinking, and dare I say improves your life.

When you lay everything out there, there is nothing left to fear. Fear is a powerful emotion, and it takes valuable resources away from other more positive experiences. Writing, for me, puts perspective on fear, so that I can use it as a signal. A signal to pay attention to what is driving it, and to decide on its merits.

Writing is a reflective process and one that can lead to healthier habits. After writing about intentional choices, you are reinforcing that these are a part of your blueprint. You essentially tell the world they are important to you and it helps you follow through.

Blogging removes the veil. Just as living in a small place does not allow for anyone to hide, writing is the same way. You cannot hide from your thoughts and challenges when you write.

For me, blogging has introduced me to such interesting people. I am so glad I took the leap. What about you? Ready to start writing?



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