Mirror, Mirror – What is Your House Trying to Tell You?

Mirror Mirror


“Why does this keep happening?” He cried.

My sons are five and one of them has been experiencing the frustrations of the limits of his abilities and this was his response. His frustrations are short lived, but passionate nonetheless.

I love that he can express himself in an environment where he will receive love and understanding. I also know that this is completely normal, and we have to hold back laughter at times when he expresses himself. Don’t judgehe is brutally honest with his feelings and I love it!

Our homes are a mirror of our lives, and there is no better reflection of that environment than a child. Today it seems families are running hither and yon, chasing activities, play dates, and something more for their children, when perhaps less is actually more.

Often people spend more time planning their weddings, than they do designing their life. Until this eye opening process, we were just going along this conveyer belt of life,but then we jumped off and said enough already!

Designing a life, not unlike any creative endeavor, takes time and reflection, but once you open the door to a life that is uniquely yours, you can’t do anything but walk through it.

Recently, I had some feedback from a reader, who remarked where are all your articles about getting organized? Isn’t that what downsizing is all about? You must be the queen of organization or something to be able to live in such a small space!

I realized that what we have been through is so uncommon today, that I really had to pull back the curtain and explain the difference. We have been remodeling, but not our space, our lives.

Purging Clutter

We started with a bold move to a smaller space, and began purging clutter. With every bag and box of stuff, I felt lighter and more optimistic about our future. Every area of my life has improved.

Purge Obligations

We moved on from purging stuff, to purging obligations. We were not an overscheduled family to begin with, but we (I) lost the guilt that came with choosing to be choosy.

I remember joining a mother’s group for preschool children, and reading an email upon joining. It said, basically, that you must attend most of the meetings or you would be dropped from the group. As I read this, I felt this nagging feeling in my stomach, that said “are you kidding me?” Instead, we went, and the children enjoyed it, but at times I felt like it was one more thing on my to-do list.

I am much more careful of activities now, and really take a good look at our week before I add anything. Our kids use their imaginations so much to have free play, and be in nature, that organized activities are not necessary. They are a nice change of pace, but my intention has changed to a question of if this is a valuable activity of not.

Family Bucket List

Next, we began to dream about what we wanted, really wanted, and began to create a label for that. I wanted to direct my children’s education and would not settle for just going with the masses, we would find a better way than public school. We may not know what that looks like, but we will find it.

We dreamed about choices for our family, activities we wanted to try, and places we wanted to go.

Begin a Life of Intentional Decisions

We began a life of intention. No more going with the flow. We wanted to create a life where we felt like ourselves at home, in our lives, and in our work.

This is what we want our mirror, mirror, to say.

Live Small Love Big – welcome home, darlings.



  1. This is so inspirational! And what a line – “Often people spend more time planning their weddings, than they do designing their life” . It’s so true in most areas of our life too. So eye opening! Thanks for another lovely post Kathy!


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