Discover 3 Ways Living Simply Leads Children to Success in Life

3 Simple Steps to Create Innovation at Home

Does a simpler childhood, one without too many external obligations lead to a greater degree to the certainty or awareness of strengths, so that those children go on to become entrepreneurs, and leaders?

I was walking through the grocery store as this idea was spinning in my head, yes, I am like that. Any time filled with silence and my imagination goes on a expedition.

I know that conscious simplifying has led to that effect for myself, and I am wondering how this change will affect the kids as they grow up. If they are curious about something, they learn about it. They learn from watching you. If you have a life that allows for experiences together. You will be surprised at the effect, some subtle, some not.

I do think family experiences are different around the world, and in the US our differences are regional as well. In Texas, it is different than in the Northeast, where much our of extended family still lives. Here, though, it is not uncommon for a family to be scheduled every night of the week with external obligations, and top that will traditionally school hours for kids, which in my opinion is a recipe for disaster.

It is this lack of silent time, time time to explore ideas, be curious, and connect the dots that ultimately hinders innovation.

I am thinking this as I walk to the aisle with magazines, I just cannot resist. I am a bit of a challenge for publishers, though, if they were to put me into a category, they may have trouble with that one. I look at home decor magazines, homesteading, technology, and business content, health, and psychology. Yes, there are some things that don’t make the list, but not many. I am the definition of a self-directed learner.

This month’s Wired Magazine jumped out at me. Another whiz kid, perhaps? Had I known the story behind the cover, I would have purchased it, but it was the image that made me curious enough to put it in my cart.

The piece on Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey, featured on the cover would help answer my question about how to lead your children and yourself to the place of your greatest achievement’s and impact. Luckey it seems, is a child that has “omnivorous curiosity”, an 18 year old homeschooled young man from California.

He was curious (step one), he had the time to follow that curiosity (step 2), he was in an environment that allowed him to feel at ease and without distraction(step 3).

In our home, the most often question I hear our sons that are now 5, is why? Everything is about why, why indeed.

How many other leaders and innovators can you think of that have a life similar to this? I can point to so many that value space for their creative juices to stir, but I have my own personal example. One of my uncles was a chemist, and he worked on many innovative projects in the field of Chemistry, one being the Manhattan Project. Now, whether or not you agree with the outcome of that historic project, one thing I can see if that his family life was simple. He spent time in quiet contemplation.  As a child, I would not understand this, even though he was kind and welcoming on our visits. As an adult, I can see that he needed quiet to sort through his ideas and thoughts.

It is our responsibility to show our children that a place for simple contemplation and innovation is not only okay, but will lead to their greatest strengths. They are always watching and learning, and it is up to us to lead by example. Not to give them all the answers, but to let them ask the questions and seek the answers.

That really is the recipe for the ultimate success in life. Editing your life to a point that allows for those 3 simple things, will make the greatest impact on your life and well being. It is about leading a richer life, with room for everything that makes it possible. I have always been curious, and I find that the more we remove distractions, the more answers we find.




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