Valuing Choice Over Stuff



Recently some have asked me why I don’t want to go back to our lifestyle that we had before we downsized, and I simply answered that I now valued choice over stuff. It just came out and it really is that simple. I did not realize that I was giving up my right to choose when we lived to our max all the time.

The Choice of How You Spend Your Time

The choice to live your life in your home the way you want. When we moved into our new place, my husband asked me if we had to put a bunch of stuff on the walls. I had no idea why that mattered, but he was right. What we did was to only put up the most important things and everyday we see what we treasure most.

Living in the larger house required me to use my creativity to decorate a place that was simply too large for us. I spent time and energy bringing cheap vintage furniture back to life, instead of having the time and the resources to find things we truly treasured. That lesson did not emerge right away, but has changed the way I think about how we live inside these walls.

I now have the choice to spend an afternoon at a farmers market, teaching the kids about the importance of supporting local farmers, spending time in the community, and just letting them be kids enjoying an afternoon of sunshine and a slushy.

The choice of what to do on the weekend, instead of a long list of to-do’s that will not add to us experiencing very much happiness as a family.

The choice to rethink how our children will think of their childhood is by far the best of all of our choices. They have two parents that have the time to love and support them, that are not distracted by the stress of keeping up with a life that was not planned by choice.

It is amazing how much power lies in choice.



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