Discover Your Greatest Resources



I had the pleasure of driving through a beautiful part of Texas today, on my way to and from a talk I was giving. I have to confess that I love photography, and although I am not a photographer by trade, the images capture my imagination. Knowing I would be driving through this beautiful place made me bring my camera along for the ride and I am so glad I did.

When I saw this wind farm, it had me thinking about a recent change in the way I approached my goals and how we are now living our life. One of the major changes was the way I plan a project and make decisions. The key difference is defining my resources whenever I need to plan a project or work through an issue that needs a decision.

I now see how being overwhelmed by stuff, clouded my thinking. When faced with more month than money, I always hit the same block. How in the world can I earn more money, with my limited amount of time. Now, this time limit was my own decision as I stayed home with the kids, but I would cycle in and out of this worry, just thinking if I did it enough I would come up with a solution.

I had always considered resources to mean things like time and money, but what if you did not have the luxury of time or money as a resource? In 2006, my brother-in-law began a life ending fight with Colon Cancer. He was just 43. His determination to continue being the father and provider allowed him to overcome his terrible side effects from treatment and continue working until one day when a corporate decision changed all of that. He was laid off. After many years of exemplary service to his company and field, he was laid off. He had no idea what was next for him. He only saw himself professionally as the corporate sales manager, and so began his quest to find his resources.

Now, they did not have financial concerns, as they had a strong financial plan due to their frugality and way of life. My sister continued working part time when her kids were young, and as a financial wizard was also the family investment guru. What hit him the hardest was how he would define himself and “work”. Who was going to hire him at this point someone with stage 4 cancer? He needed to redefine work, without the context of time or money.

After a conversation with my sister, she suggested he write a book. A book about his favorite place on earth, Yosemite National Park. He not only wrote that book, but he continued and wrote a second one on Yellowstone National Park. Although I have not been to either park, as I read them, I could see an entirely new side to him and their family. I wanted to visit. It was such a window into another part of their life that had he not written I would never would have known. He started a Facebook page about the parks, and began connecting with others that shared his passion.

In the fight of his life, he decided to share his love of one of our country’s most beautiful natural resources. It inspired me and still does. He was not worried if he would write well enough, he simply wrote. He left a legacy and his memories.

As we began to make plans to create change in our lives, like we did when we downsized our possessions, we often hit a roadblock along the way. My road block that kept me from seeing my most valuable resource was invisible to me under all my stuff. The key to success is understanding yourself.

Maybe if I just went back to school, took a class, got more information, more knowledge, then I would have the credentials to make a difference. I needed to use my greatest strengths to find my way through. We all have skills that can make a difference today.

There is one thing that you possess right now that is your most valuable resource. Determination. It is a powerful ally when you cozy up to it. When you consider times in your life that were the most challenging, what was your tipping point? What made all the difference? Good old fashioned determination.

Determination needs to be channeled though, and in my case, that meant a project plan. As I worked through the Time of Your Life series from Tony Robbins, I was struck by something I had been leaving out of all my goal and decision planning.

It was how I defined my resources that made me feel less powerful. It kept me in this crazy cycle of doubt. Has that ever happened to you? You make a decision, and sleep on it as they say, and then proceed to spend an entire day distracted by doubt?

I had not even considered my people resources, such as my husband and the skills he brings to help me see the other side of an issue. We are as opposite as two people can be, and that polarity works when I let it. Maybe it is someone who can do something for you. My creativity, and innovative ways to see things differently are huge resources. Recently, my writing has been added to my list of resources. My unending optimism that I have a purpose is a resource. So now you get the idea. Your turn.

As I looked at this wind farm that was standing majestically over the land in the Texas Hill Country, what struck me was the invisible resource that it was using. If we only considered things we could see, what possibilities would we have missed?

There are so many stories of people that have overcome so many obstacles in life, when faced with nothing, but their mind and determination. The power that comes from within is all you need to reach your goals.

If you are trying to make the impossible be possible, start with a decision, planning process that includes your greatest resources. Once you start seeing yours, you will be unstoppable.


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