My New Favorite Habit To Simplify My Day With Kids



” The reasonable man tries to adapt himself to the world (environment), while the unreasonable man tries to adapt the world (environment) to himself, therefore, all progress depends upon the unreasonable man. -George Barnard Shaw

Where in the world did we get the idea that we need to be busy and scheduled to be productive, grow, and learn? Our downsizing has brought so many positive aspects to our life, one being the idea of pause and reflection. I am learning this through others and I am a work in progress.

I was having a conversation with my mom yesterday, about how she grew up. Third to the oldest of nine children, her father a civil engineer, her mother a full-time homemaker until her father’s death when my mother was thirteen in 1944.

I know a lot about how her life evolved after this point in her life, but yesterday I was asking more about life when she was a young child. This conversation took place as I notice this urge to always feel the need to be busy. Anytime I had extra downtime I wondered to myself if I should be scheduling more activities for the boys. My new habit of reflection and intentional planning for my day has resolved this urge.

“ All the mother’s were home all day. There was no pressure to be somewhere else, no planned play dates, no driving all over…”she said.

Kids played, people had time in the community to catch up with one another, and summers were spent at the lake. It was simple and happy. You don’t need much with kids to be happy. She has great stories of her mischievous brothers, and even after her father passed, her mother made sure their life stayed as consistent is possible. She took in sewing to pay the bills and worked from home – now you can see where I get it.

Was it a different time? Yes. Do you have to have a crazy schedule every day? No. You control your life and whatever that means to you. My life may not be your way, but do you know what your idea day looks like? I know I didn’t.

The pause is a time to look at my goals and outcomes and see if this new idea added to it or was just something to be done. This is my new morning habit.

How this relates to our life now, comes back to the conversation with my mom. She asked what we did today, and I said, “the usual park, play, reading time, and independent play, that and I worked before they woke up and will finish tonight. Nothing too exciting, but the results are happy kids and a happy mom.”

Are you busy filling up your calendar, or taking time to pause? Everyone enjoys a different pace for their family, and for mine it seems at least for now slower is better.

My new habit of morning reflection, creates an intention for my day that is the most productive habit I have learned this year. There is a power in a pause.







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