When Everyday Is Mother’s Day

boys and bunnies

My work is about finding what is important to you in this life, releasing what is in your way of enjoying it, and focusing on what does. On this Mother’s Day, I want to remind you what a special season motherhood is and what it means to me. That mother’s day even exists for me is a miracle and a blessing that took a village of people to accomplish.

On this mother’s day, I say thank you to God, our grandparents, to our parents for allowing us the chance at life, for my husband for believing in me and our fight to have our own family, to our family members who came to our aid to help make this dream come true, to the woman who donated her eggs so that I can celebrate this and every mother’s day, and to all of the doctors that made their life’s work making motherhood possible.

I will never be able to fully express my gratitude in words, but I hope in some way my work with mothers designing their lives will pay tribute to this awesome gift that I receive every day of my life.

Thank you to all that made this day possible. I will honor these gifts for the rest of my life.




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