Modern Motherhood is the New Face of Entrepreneurship. How to Return Home to Your Kids Without Giving Up Working.



  • “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.”

I believe that the Great Recession of 2007 helped some US families and here is why. I am a glass half full kind of girl, but the numbers don’t lie. According to a new PEW research study a full 10.4 million women are staying home with their children or 29%. Want to join them? You can, but it will take a change in thinking.

I do take issue with the study, though, but honestly, I do not think they could measure those of us that combine work and staying home with our kids, and even a smaller group that does that while homeschooling. This is not a work or not work issue, rather how to decide what you want and think like an entreprenuer to design your family life issue.

Modern Motherhood has its challenges, but we are not powerless in how we tackle this life. Why do women lament about being identified as a female instead of sharing your triumphs as a founder in technology? Why is being a identified as being female a bad thing? Perhaps being identified as female will allow more young women to hear your story and spur on their drive to be remarkable.

Both of my grandmothers understood what it was to be an entrepreneur and a woman. My maternal Grandmother Maude’s launch into entrepreneurship was out of necessity when her husband, my grandfather, died suddenly from a brain aneurysm. It was 1944. She had 9 children to care for, and started a sewing business that would keep her at home with her children while teaching them the power of believing in your abilities and how to be strong in the face of unbelievable challenges.

In 2007, our country went through an event that spurred us all to consider the costs of childcare and working. I was going through fertility treatments at this time to try to start a family, while looking for ways to rebuild a career after the crash of the mortgage banking industry. It is these times of economic stress that we truly get our priorities straight.

If you want to be home with your children and join the other 10.4 million women doing so, what is stopping you? I find that today’s lives are so overscheduled, it is hard to know what you want.

I remember interviewing a business/life coach to work with a few years ago, and for the life of me I had no idea what I wanted. I only knew what I did not want, but do you know what? Sometimes that is where you need to start.

At one point my husband and I joked that we would both like to be stay at home parents, which is really telling. As a mother of two boys, and a sister to three older brothers, I see both sides of this issue. Couples need to say what they really want. My husband did not want to be home all day, even working from home, but he also did not want to miss out on their childhood so we designed our new life with that in mind.

Staying home does not mean you never leave the house anymore. For me being a stay at home working mom means working on my terms. The majority of my time is spent working at home, but I do travel a few times a year or attend outside meetings. We need a new definition of working mothers, but why not just create your own. I must admit a night in a hotel room by myself, with a yoga mat on the floor is a wonderful break from the day to day. We need to give ourselves permission to take that much needed break. You will be a better mother, wife, and person for it. No one needs to be a martyr.

Find the areas in your life that are giving you the most stress. Ask yourself what you don’t want. You are the only one with the answers. Only you know deep down what you don’t want.

It can be anything – just start asking yourself the question and you can soon join the ranks of the over 10 million moms who are staying home and raising their family, building a legacy, and living their dream. Your dream will change, but first you have to know where you want to go.


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