How to Break Through Mental Clutter

How to Clear Mental Clutter

I believe every woman needs a cheerleader. Someone who gets who you are at your core, regardless of the season or stage of your life, and just sees you.

I am my generations cheerleader, and I take that as the honorable gift that it is. My first cheerleader, and the woman who taught me to write was my paternal grandmother Jeane. She was born in 1900, and was an Irish Catholic. She was devoted in a quiet, devoted way that I honor and respect. She was an entrepreneur. As an Irish Catholic, married woman with children in the 1930s, owning your own store was unusual, but she was anything but ordinary.

I only saw her once per year, as we lived thousands of miles apart, but her impact on my life was profound. It was her letters of encouragement and faith in me that kept me afloat in the toughest times in my life, even after her death. How she knew that I needed to hear words of encouragement, in an age void of cell phones, text messages, and emails is something I did not understand until recently. I remember the tone of the letters not the words, and when times get crazy, I think of what she would say to me. I take a walk in nature, clear my head and listen.

In my study of Life Coaching, I watched a video of an intervention by Tony Robbins with a woman who was struggling. She had lost sight of her own inner warrior and was so far away from a position of strength that she could not see herself as strong. In that intervention he talked her through some important steps. One was her posture as she was feeling weak (my words not his). As you struggle in your life with emotions and doubt, notice your physical responses. Slouched shoulders and stooped posture have an effect of your entire body and mind, your physiology. You have the power to change that, to be present and aware of your responses. My advice to you – pay attention.

The next thing he talked her through was a technique that I use today. When you are struggling through some mental clutter, consider your cheerleader, what would they say to you? What would they tell you in this moment? Do you have a cheerleader? If you don’t allow me to be yours. I would be honored to spur you on.

As women we have so many roles daughter, friend, sister, wife, mother, and one more warrior. I believe that you can have strength without tearing down others, without imposing your opinions on others, and by living a happy life that effects others in a positive way. The Mommy Wars are in our heads and our hearts and it is time for that to stop. We all need a cheerleader. Who is yours?

In order to find your inner warrior, you have to declutter your life. Physical clutter is one thing and mental clutter can take up much more valuable real estate.

Our lives today are filled with such noise. Cell phones, emails, Facebook, Pinterest, and the list goes on. We allow things into our lives that distract from our path to living a full life.

If you are struggling with how to juggle it all, might I suggest something bold? Minimize the noise in your life over the next 7 days. Pick a couple of things to remove. Is it Facebook or email after 7pm?

Take action today. Consider meditation. I have not mastered meditation, but I am working on it. Try it for yourself, with my favorite yoga teacher David Magone. If it is good enough for Marines, it is good enough for me.

Take just 7 days, and journal at the end of each day. Write to yourself. It doesn’t matter what it says just chronicle your day, write down dreams, disappointments, whatever. After you journal your thoughts – read them. What would your cheerleader say if she read that? I honor the time you spend reading my words, now let me give you something back.

You can do this – whatever this is. One day at a time. Remove one thing that does not enhance your life, and breathe. Jeane would want nothing but the best for you.



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