To Go or Not to Go Tiny, His Verses Hers Point of View

Lincoln Barbour Tiny House

“Can you look at this house on the tiny house blog? It is not practical for our needs, but there are elements I really like,” I said.

“The last time we talked about tiny homes, you would not have said that was not practical – what changed?” he said.

“You know me I have to work through a new idea to see if it fits for me. Since we moved here and the financial strain is gone I see we need more space, but not just in the way I thought of it before.” Crystal clear explanation of why I changed my mind – men take note this really happens in our heads.

“Why don’t we live like the tiny house movement in a small home of 1200-1500 square feet so we will feel like we live in a larger home?” he said.

Why didn’t I think of that – my internal dialog.

Gosh, his logic makes my creative ideas make sense. Thank goodness I have this filter to send my ideas through. It is a great lesson for everyone really and why I am sharing it with you. The tiny house blogs are wonderful and this is the home that started this ongoing Saturday morning discussion. I love the look of this home, and it is in my mind as we look for ideas our next home.

We had to make our 1000 square foot space work for us, and it has been an ongoing process for the last 8 months. We did not do everything at one time, rather in stages. It would have easier to bring in a home organizer and have it ready to move in, but that is not how I roll. I like to learn through the process, lucky me.

So the one area that was driving me nuts everyday was the boys toy storage. I am not going to say you can only have so many toys, but we needed to get organized, so that my experience in the green monster did not happen again.

Small Living Toy Storage
Small Living Toy Storage

The IKEA Expedit to the rescue. I chose this because it is modular and I can move it around to just the right spot. I also know that its versatility made it great for the transition when we move again. I actually have antique furniture pieces throughout the house, more vintage charm than value. I decided I would keep going with my eclectic style and just make the modern work with the vintage.

The Mad Scientist likes a cleaner look, so he is happy to invite IKEA pieces into the mix. He also has the great talent to put things together fast, and never complains when I ask him to open a box of 2000 pieces.

I had an idea in my head that all the boys toys needed to be stored neatly in one area, to never be seen unless in use. Whatever! That is from my upbringing in my parents home. Nothing is ever out of place there. You can drop by anytime and they would never scramble like I would. I do need order though, and know that I work better when there is less chaos. So here is my toy solution in our small living space.

Garage – Outdoor stuff, balls, bats, etc.

IKEA Expedit in dining room – toys and books and easily moveable trays on top for fast visitor scrambles.

Laundry closet – There is quiet a bit of space above our washer and dryer, so I have craft supplies etc.

Kid’s closet – toys that will not fit out of sight in Expedit.

It is not a perfect system yet, but I can maintain it, which is key.

Back to the discussion we had about living tiny in a small home. We are going through options of where to live, what to buy, or to build, etc.,when we move from here. The fact that we are homeschooling allows more flexibility. We don’t have to consider school districts. This living tiny in a large space idea opens up a whole new area for us. I will be sure to share with you the process as we go tiny in a small space.


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